Letter to the Financial Times editor

Després de l’editorial d’avui del Financial Times demanant que tirem enrere el procés i ens conformem amb una solució federal, he pensat en escriure una carta al director al respecte. Enviada queda, però com tampoc crec que la publiquin, almenys la poso al bloc.

After today’s FT editorial on Catalonia calling for a federal solution, I have thought about writing a letter to its editors. I already sent it, but as it is probable that it will never be published, I post it here in my blog.



I’ve found your editorial “The folly of Catalonia’s rush to independence” a bit disappointing taking into account your own standards.

First of all, I ‘ve been surprised to see that you are worried about the future of Spain as a “unitary state”. Afterwards however (and contradicting yourselves), you defend that Spain should be “reformed along clearer federal lines”, and I wonder: does the FT have to take a stand on how Spain should be internally organized regarding Catalonia? Is the FT aware that the majority of Spanish citizens have little or no appetite for such a reform?

More importantly, both in the case of Scottish independence and the membership of the UK to the EU the FT has (rightly) supported the referendum option as the best way to solve such political conflicts and give voice to the people. Why doesn’t do the same in the case of Catalonia and Spain? Little thought is given to the fact that 80% of the Catalan population supports a referendum on independence. If the Constitution needs to be modified in a federal way, why not to permit such a vote too?

Understanding completely that the FT has a unionist editorial line and has the obligation to speak up about its concerns on the potential independence of Catalonia, I hope that in the coming future this newspaper is also able to ask from Rajoy and the Spanish political mainstream, that besides any federal offer they should let democracy run its course, respect the will of the Catalan people as expressed in the elections, and let Catalans vote in a fully binding referendum on independence.

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